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Student Testimonials

Email from Marshal Carper, SCMA BJJ Purple Belt and Author of Cauliflower Chronicles, shortly after relocating to Las Vegas

Sensei and Lisa,

We need to talk.  I have a very serious bone to pick with you.  Steel City has played a part in making my life difficult, and you should know that I am upset with you.

I have visited five different gyms in Las Vegas, but Steel City has spoiled me so much that I can’t find one that meets my standards.  I keep hoping to step into another Steel City, where the students are respectful and friends, the classes are structured and run by dedicated instructors, the facilities are clean and organized, and the contracts are fair and reasonable.  You have created such an ideal place to train that no other gym can ever live up to it.  I have found gyms that have at least one of the things that I am looking for, but no gym has them all.  Do you have any idea how frustrating that is?  For the last four years, I trained at the Cadillac of jiu-jitsu gyms and now I’m standing in a used care lot full of civics and accords.  Do you know what that’s like?  Have you driven either of those cars that was made before 1998?

Yeah, yeah, they last forever, but they don’t give you the full experience that you really want.  You just settle because that’s what you can get, and every time you see some dude cruise past you in a BMW or in a Cadillac, you think “Oh why can’t that be me?”  I know why that can’t be me:  you refuse to move Steel City to Las Vegas.

When I was living in Pittsburgh, I knew that I was fortunate and that I was blessed to train at Steel City, but I didn’t realize how incredibly unique and perfect the gym truly is.  Steel City students are luckier than they know.


Testimonials courtesy “ParentsConnect”

“My son and I both train at Steel City Martial Arts. We started 18 months ago in BJJ and liked the staff so much we decided to try Karate also. We have been taking Karate for 12 months now and my son has grown both mentally and physically in our time at Steel City Martial Arts. The staff is great! They are tough, but understand that people can not be forced to train. They encourage you to do your best at all times. This is not a dojo that gives out belts, everyone EARNS the belt/stripe that they get! Everything at Steel City Martial Arts is exceptional!”

-Tom Crawford

“I joined Steel City Martial Arts recently and I know that it was one of the best decisions of my life. Right away, I could see the difference in the level detail of instruction given to both kids and adults when compared to other schools I had attended. Moreover, there is a great atmosphere for learning created by Sensei Achille and the other instructors.”

-Rick Lipa

“I would like to say that SCMA is the best of best when it come to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Sonny Achille and all of the Bjj instructors at SCMA (Santino Brad John Jim)are first class people,Steel City instructors are the most patient laid backed teachers i have ever come across,giving everyone a chance to learn and perfect their technique’s , starting here was the best decision i have ever made, no matter what age you are,or if you train somewhere else,just give SCMA a try, I guarantee that the bjj tranining you will receive at SCMA will suprise you, there are no ego’s at SCMA and that come’s from the head instructor, and it trickles down to us,as you can tell i am very happy here, I trianed at 2 other schools before i came here to Steel City,I will not say i waisted my time,but i admit this school is hard to compare to, it is that good. Thanks SCMA!”

-Mike C.

“I have never been good at any sports growing up. I found myself joining Karate at SCMA at the age of 42 and loving it! The staff is very supportive and we learn many practical self-defense techniques. I feel myself improving every day I come. My husband and daughter take Karate and love it too! Thanks SCMA. You rock!”

-Stacy Gahr

“I have been training at Steel City Martial Arts for ten years now. I began Karate at Steel City when I was 7 years old and have been training everyday since. With the excellent training programs, led by highly talented instructors, Steel City Martial Arts has shaped me into the person I am today, I have them to thank for everything. It offers realistic self defense and good workouts all in a great training atmosphere. The first day I stepped out on the mat, was undoubtedly the best day of my life.”

-Craig Palombine