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Martial Arts Classes in Pittsburgh


Bringing Karate Back To What It Used To Be

Why Karate for my child?  Why Steel City Martial Arts for my child?

Today children can participate in a variety of different sports and activities, many of which have value for physical fitness and team learning.  Karate is different, however. In Karate, your child will learn to depend on himself/herself to excel, earning their progress by individual effort and developing the personal confidence that comes with that progress.

Tai-Jitsu Karate also allows your child to manage confrontation in a safe environment. As discussed on our Curriculum page, Tai-Jitsu Karate provides a safe, holistic approach to self-defense skills without the wasted time and false sense of security associated with some martial arts.

Equally important, Tai-Jitsu gives your child a fundamental foundation in physical fitness, a foundation that can last them their entire life.  Our students become physically fit beyond the normal expectations. Our children routinely come in telling of how well they perform in the school gymnasium in comparison to the other children, and the President’s Physical Fitness Award is a common occurrence for our students.

Finally, Steel City Martial Arts affords your child life skills beyond the physical level. We insist that children treat each other and their instructors with respect.  This positive, respectful environment demonstrates to your child the value and rewards of being courteous and respectful, a life lesson that will serve them well the rest of their life.

Of course, Steel City Martial Arts isn’t all sweat and hard work.  We promote a friendly, supportive atmosphere, and we’re rewarded with lots of smiles, giggles, and laughs at the end of every class.

There is a reason why we have become the most respected martial arts training academy in the area, as evidenced by our selection as “Best Martial Arts in Pittsburgh” by Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect.

Bring your child to Steel City Martial Arts to meet our instructors and to watch a class – your child will thank you today and for years to come.

Doesn’t Your Child Deserve The Absolute Best?

There are a wide variety of martial arts schools in the Pittsburgh area teaching arts like Karate, Tang Soo Do, and Tae Kwon Do. With such a large number of schools to choose from, how do you know which is best for you and your child? Before you enroll in any martial arts school, we suggest that you do some investigation and observe how different schools conduct their classes.

Don’t limit your research to making a few phone calls and asking about price and schedules. If possible, have your child participate in an actual beginners class to see how the instructor interacts with the students and especially with your child. See for yourself if you are comfortable with the instructors and their teaching methods. You should visit as many schools as possible, and then come to visit us.

Call us to schedule a Free Trial class with no obligation and get ready to experience a breath of fresh air. Teaching martial arts is our passion and you will feel it as soon as you walk in through our doors. You will begin to understand why hundreds of parents before you have chosen to have their children train with us.

Call or stop by to schedule your child’s Free Trial Class.